In the beginning…

Well, though we are not beginner gardeners, we are gardening in Arkansas for the first time.  And, God only knows what the weather will be like anywhere this summer.

We’ve decided to try “Genesa Circle Gardening”.  So a double experiment.

The Genesa principles on which circle gardening is based are the discovery of Dr Derald Langham, who applied them to everday living as well as to growing things in his garden.

“In the beginning, he postulates, was Motion. Nothing in the universe stands still. And motion in the world of living things implies growth. Growth, says Langham, occurs on  both the physical and metaphysical planes. It is living energy moving in spirals. This in turn becomes a living, functional geometry for an interpretation of the harmonious interplay of symmetry, rhythm, and balance in polarized force fields.”

We are also of course using the Geodesic Greenhouses that “Jack bilt”.  Our fingers are crossed and we are having some fun with it.  The season starts much earlier here than in Colorado, but the summers get a lot hotter too.

A few things have started sprouting, and just in case…I’ve got the “nursery” in which I’m planting some things in pots around here.  I do want to make sure we grow some groceries after all.  The ground here is pure clay that also has many pine trees, maples and a “few beats the hell out of me, what that is!”  It may get too shaded in some spots, too hot in others, therefore my pots.

I’m going to keep track with pics and so forth over the season and let you see how it goes.

Beginning stages of Geodesic Dome plantings

Beginning stage of Gensea Circle Garden

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