On to New Mexico

OK, sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog, but getting 2 posts done tonight.

This past December, we moved to Sapello New Mexico.  Starting over again…  Because of noxious winds, we haven’t yet gotten to finish rebuilding the Grow Domes, but that is coming soon.  Meanwhile, we built a 50 foot Medicine Wheel in front of the house and I started Genesea Circles in it.

This is a real test.  The worst drought in over 40 years! The winds are just now starting to die down, and today we finally got some rain!  YEAHH! (Check out my other blog at danettesteele.com for more on that).

So broccoli is coming up sideways, but it is growing;

horizonal broccoli

The biggy here is lots of mulch, thanks to my new endeavor – Goat ranching – I’ve got lots of that.


Working in Permaculture principle with my Genesea circles and domes now.  Let me know if” any of you out there” are have any good ideas and/or tips.

Until next time….

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