Geodesic Dome Greenhouse: Eco Friendly

Just by growing your own fruit and vegetables, you are helping not only yourself, but the environment.

Transporting fruit and vegetables across the world, and even across the country, just increases pollution.

By growing your plant from seed can save you money, and reduce the need for transport.

It makes sense to collect rain water and even the waste water from your bath. With a water butt as high as possible you can use gravity to water your plants.

The unheated greenhouse is a closed environment and needs careful management, particularly of temperature and air conditions, to provide the best surroundings for growth.

There are various things that should be done during the whole year.

In summer, with higher temperatures, ventilation and a regular routine of watering and damping down will be needed, and from time to time even shade may be needed.

Shade can be provided by painting the glass using whitewash, but not so thickly as to reduce the light too much. This is difficult to remove with fluctuation of weather.

It is better to use fine netting, or blinds, which can be adjusted easily throughout the day if necessary.

Good ventilation keeps temperatures down and reduces risk of condensation, mould growth and fungal diseases.

Aim to get air movement without drafts. There are many systems available to open and close windows automatically.

As the weather begins to turn colder, adding polythene sheeting or bubble wrap can give increased protection for your plants.

Trap the heat of the day to keep the night-time greenhouse warm. This can be done by closing all the windows a good time before the sun goes down, and waiting till after the morning chill has gone before opening them.

Giving plants the right amount of water is difficult to get right.

The trick is to learn the right conditions for the plants, then to do your best. Mature and large plants need more water than young and small ones. During hot, sunny spells plants can dry out quickly, while in winter, over-watering can quickly lead to all manner of problems for plants.

The best time to water is when conditions cool down in evening.

It is important to make sure that the roots are watered, and not just the tops of the compost.

In summer keep the atmosphere humid by ‘damping down’ the entire floor of the greenhouse with water.

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