Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Gardening – 6 Tips To Get You Started

Growing vegetables in a geodesic dome greenhouse isn’t difficult. In fact it can be down right inspiring and addicting. Learning how to grow your own healthy food, being in control of what goes onto the food that ends up on your family’s plate.

Picking the best spot for your dome greenhouse is easy. Because of it’s round shape it doesn’t have a long and short site or a “peak” to worry about. Of course you’ll want to be sure not to put it where a building or tree will shade it. So just place it in a sunny spot and you’re good to go.

You’ll want to give some thought to where to plant or place your vegetables inside your greenhouse. You don’t want taller plants shading the smaller ones so smaller plants to the outside taller ones in close. Also, remember you can use upside down planters for vining plants, thus saving bench and floor space.Another thing to consider putting into your geodesic dome greenhouse is a large water tub. This makes watering easier and moderates temperatures inside by absorbing the heat during the day and releasing it in the evening. A 30-50 gal trash can filled with water works well for this.

Be sure to use good quality potting soil to get the best results from your greenhouse garden. To the novice greenhouse or container gardener this may seem like an unnecessary expense. They will use soil from their outdoor garden instead. This almost always leads to poor results because it compacts in the pots too much and doesn’t retain moisture in the pots between waterings.

Getting a jump on the growing season is one of the main reasons to build your own greenhouse. Though it is possible to grow food year round in a geodesic dome and you’ll enjoy that too. It’s always a thrill to see those little seedlings come up 6 to 8 weeks before it’ll be warm enough for them outside!

Don’t forget your greenhouse garden will need tending as much as the one in your backyard. Too many novice gardeners think that because the plants are “inside” they’ll take care of themselves the way house plants will. And though it is true that a properly set up biodome will minimize the work you’ll need to do to grow lush, yummy veggies all year long, there still is plenty for you to do. What would be the fun of it if there weren’t? So don’t forget to check on your plants, give them the water and attention they need to thrive!

Harvesting vegetables in the dead of winter is one of the very best things about this kind of gardening. Imagine how happy you’ll be to put juicy, sweet vine ripe tomatoes you picked just moments before onto your family’s plate when there’s three feet of snow outside!

Once you’ve got your geodesic dome greenhouse in your back yard, you’ll be amazed how soon you’ll start seeing results. You’ll be harvesting vegetables in not time at all. Planing ahead and recording what works best for you will easily set you up for next year’s garden!

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