What are the eco advantages of a geodesic dome over other structures?

Eco-friendly, sustainable, and ‘green’ are synonymous with geodesic domes. Domes have been icons of global awareness long before it was part of main-stream culture, messaging a harmonic part of conscious, “earth-friendly” living.

Geodesic shelters have been called the most efficient structural design ever conceived possessing approximately one-third less surface area than a rectilinear structure of similar size. The curved interior of the dome encourages natural air circulation which helps to reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling. Domes are a lightweight, viable alternative to traditional construction and are quickly becoming the alternative to eco-living spaces, private studios and a host of other uses.

With the simple addition of a low voltage wiring system, electricity can be supplied with wind, solar, or hydroelectric power. The installation of a composting toilet, solar exhaust fans and a rainwater catchment system are a few of the other efficient and cost-effective ways to reduce your imprint and live “off the grid” in a DomeGuys geodesic dome.

An affordable alternative home option, geodomes are an eco-friendly answer to sustainable development. They are made of durable, competitively priced, high-quality architectural materials. The geodesic shelter dome application can last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance. The net annual energy savings for a dome owner is 30% less than normal rectilinear homes according to the Oregon Dome Co.

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